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Are you passionate for canyoning as an occasional practioner or work as a professional?

Do you want to continuously invest in your career, improve your technical knowledge, increase your canyoning business, receive updates on the latest gear and equipment or just follow news from the canyoning world? Then, you are in the right place.

Our ICOpro News broadcasts are the main source of information about the canyoning industry and are guaranteed to increase your knowledge about all aspects of the activity, technical or not.

We have divided our newsletters in 4 different channels for you to choose from:

ICOpro News

Stay updated on the latest news from ICOpro, including standard updates, new center affiliations, training course schedule, local meet-ups and much more. Highly recommended for all ICOpro Professional members.

ICOpro Business & Marketing

Stay in the game by receiving updates about the latest trends on social media, online marketing, and business management. Improve your current business or get the tools to start a new one by optimizing your marketing knowledge.

ICOpro Techniques

Get insight on technical updates and tips from our professionals. Discover new ways to improve your efficiency and get the latest updates on new gear as it hits the market.

ICOpro Teaching Tools

Focused on pedagogy and psychology of teaching, this newsletter will support your personal & professional development by sharing valuable communication, psychological and analytical skills, providing you the tools to become a specialist in teaching.
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