A challenge with yourself

I discovered the sport of canyoneering many years ago through my passion for anything involving water.  As soon as I experienced what canyoning had to offer, I was hooked.

Through a great group of friends and fellow guides in the white water industry I explored further and started to develop my confidence and skill.  At first this group was mainly guys, simply because the white water industry in Scotland is predominantly male.  But I quickly discovered that gender inequality was blissfully absent within canyoning.  Anyone was welcome and, beyond the standard challenges of being a women bound in neoprene whenever nature calls, I have never experienced an issue with being a woman in the canyon.

During the first UK ICOpro CA123, which was hosted by the incredible team at The Canyoning Company, there were six spaces in the course…and three of them were filled by women.  In fact, it would have been four had an unfortunate knee injury not forced the 4th to relinquish her space. The course was phenomenal.  8 days of insanely intensive, mentally and physically exhausting learning and practice, supported by one of ICOpro’s Head Training Masters (HTM), Andrew Humphreys.

UK ICOpro CA123

Not once did the subject of gender differences come up and no special allowance was needed for the different members of the group.  We supported each other, respected each other and learned from each other.  At the end of it all, when we had all passed the course, we even celebrated together.

Canyoning is not about enforcing limitations or stereotypes.

The only barriers you will face are your own.  Your fear, your uncertainly.  In the canyon there is no discrimination.  There’s no thought of gender equality when you’re standing at the top of a jump or starting an abseil.  The only limitation is your skill and your nerve.”

Jump with no fear

Bonnie Convery – Canyoneer 3

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