Canyoning Colorado, a way of experience

The water was cold and the pressure was on! My first experience of canyoning was on a professionally guided trip in New Zealand in 2009. While the trip was exhilarating, the experience scared me deeply. I loved seeing the canyon, but I never felt in control. Clipping the carabiners in and out, the guides controlled everything, lowering me quickly down the waterfalls. I had no idea what was going on.

I went on other canyoning trips afterwards, but I began to question if I actually liked the sport. I didn’t like being cold, I didn’t like jumping, and I developed a fear of ropes and rappelling. Still, I loved being in these beautiful places. They were areas I wouldn’t otherwise see.

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Just when I thought I’d give up canyoning forever, I experienced the ICOpro way of teaching. The tables turned, and no longer were the guides the center of attention with their cat-like rope skills, instead I, the student, was the focus. For the first time, I became an active participant in my canyoning descent. I learned to use and trust the technical equipment. I learned to rappel confidently in waterfalls. Everything the Canyoneer Initiation course teaches.

Nine years later, I didn’t become a professional canyoning instructor, but I got better, and I learned to enjoy the experience. I’m still not big on jumps, but I no longer fear the edge, and something I love most is that I rappel with confidence. Pushing my limits and gaining these skills have allowed me to experience canyons all over the world!

Mairi canyoning colorado

When I started Canyoning Colorado with my husband in 2016, I knew from the outset that we’d affiliate our center with ICOpro. Thinking back to my first canyoning descent, I wanted our customers to experience something different from what I did. I wanted our customers to walk way feeling inspired and empowered by their experience, and I knew the ICOpro way of teaching would provide this.

As an owner of Canyoning Colorado, I take care of our customers, manage reservations, marketing, logistics and more. I’m not in the canyon daily, but I still get out and play, and it reminds me how far I’ve come!

Mairi Humphrey

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