First ICTC CA123 100% for girls

Have you noticed that women are more and more present in the canyoning world like the other outdoor sports for the last 15 years ?
It’s throughout a personal reflexion ever since I succeed the ICOpro trainer training course last May that I asked those questions to myself.

How much is the female canyoning community ever grown around the world ? And what is making this new women generation want to go into those extreme sports ?

For the last four years that I became professionnal in canyoning thanks to ICOpro, I could noticed as many women as men who want to live a canyoning experience for a day within an instructor supervision. The call of strong sensations, to exceed its limits, to set himself a challenge become completely mixed.

Even a minority of those women make the jump to become professional, variable trend according the countries, recreationals female practioners are more and more in a world still with a masculin majority.

So, what are women looking for and what do they find ?

Personaly, more than bringing me well-being, pleasure, freedom, sometimes adrenaline, thus adventure, canyoning meet the need of challenges and variety which boost my life ! Becoming leader in canyoning, then professional, I noticed my self esteem and self confidence grow, thus to bring me truly personal and professional fullfilment.

During various professional experiences in different countries I could meet and work with other women. It was the opportunity to share about their path, to know what place canyoning took in their life, the reasons of their choice to become professional and what they found in it !

All of them shared the same feeling of personal fullfilment, of freedom and the need of adventure. Also, they alluded to interactions and interest of sharings in a mixed team. The female state of mind contribution in the team work allow a diversity and getting a balance. A female state of mind, that is, often a bit more intuitive and based on patience, listening and psychology. Essential advantages in a natural environment who somtimes could look stranger and harsh for people who discover it for the first time. Some of my male friends and collegues have ever shared to me about advantages and interests of a mixed team who bring balance and complementarity in it. Others of them think, rightly, that this activity doesn’t bring to light significant differences between women and men, it’s more about people caracters.

But, one thing was sure, either for recreational practising or professional, passion for canyoning was the common drive for all of us !

girl waterfall

How to do to attemps to develop the female canyoning practioners ?

How can I do to make other women want to jump into this unique experience of canyoning ?

I had at the moment the desire of sharing and inspiring other women to try to find a personal fullfilment by the adventure way and the discovery of wild canyons which Earth offer to us.
That’s why, discussing with Icopro friends and collegues, I’ve thought interesting to use the fact that I’m the only female Icopro trainer to pass this message offering the ICOpro « Canyoneer Autonomous 1.2.3 » training course reserved for women. This 8 days training course preceded of few days of theorical preparation by e-learnings, give all the technical basics to be autonomous in the intermediate level of canyons*.

For this new project, what is better than a new ICOpro center in the heart of Balkans ? The Adriatrek center in Montenegro located in Podgorica, offer the possibility to welcome trainees in a beautiful environment. Several various canyons allow to learn in optimum conditions. Rado, the director of the center quickly espouse the « 100% women » project enthusiastically !

In the same way as ICOpro look for develop and inovate, this initiative of 100% women training course has the aim to develop a community of female canyoning practioners providing them the technical knowledges and, also, trying to bring them a personal fullfilment by autonomy, team spirit and sharing a passion.



For more informations about the ICOPRO CA 123 training course : JUNE 26th to 3rd July 2018 at Podgorica in Montenegro :

Interested by female canyoning practioners group ?

Come and visit the Facebook group : « Women in canyoning »

* training course content