About Adriatrek affiliated centre

In the middle of the Balkan area, Adriatrek is the first and only affiliated ICOpro centre ITC. For years, we have been working as freelance guides, in a region without a standard. Only knowing where the entrance and the exit of the canyon were enough. I discovered ICOpro in 2012 when I organised the first two CA-3 courses on a trans-borderproject, Montenegro and Bosnia financed by the EU. Since that moment, I started to change my mind about the practice, and work more in an educative way. After the different training courses AIN and IN1, I have completely opened my mind, in order to fulfil each one. We work now with these standards, Assistant and Instructor. We feel the difference, all is more fluid and we have more time for teaching.

The centre is located on the seaside above Petrovac between 2 areas for canyoning.

Why and what happened since the ICOpro affiliation ?

I have affiliated Adriatrek & Canyon at the end of 2017, so it is quite a new centre, but we have been working since 2007 in canyoning. Being an ICOpro member is not just a brand, it is really a network that helps us to improve non-stop in our techniques,by the exchanging of our experiences, for example, rescue, during the ICOpro meetings which are organised more and more throughout the world. We expand our working network, as we know what is offered by the other centres. We can manage to organise trips and training, about safety and licences. We know that all the guides are on the same basis, so it is really comfortable for me as HMI. I know that I will always have skilled professionals.

Now that we are present in many centres all over the world, we are certainly the main professional organization. Soon we will have, for Montenegro, norms to follow concerning the outdoor activities in canyoning. ICOpro will, of course, be one of the main standards and should be chosen as a reference.

By starting an ICOpro centre, it makes the other local companies think about practices and pushes them to learn canyoning in the proper way. This increases the safety and avoids accidents and keeps an image of the activity that is not extreme if it is practiced as it should be. A bad experience is bad for all of us.

It is good to feel yourself like a pioneer in Balkan, and I am sure we will leave a trace with this label and these standards.

About the country: canyons, mountains and seaside

Montenegro is a country as big as Belgium, but has everything within such a small area, allowing for a huge contrast in a very short time. We have many canyons on the seaside, and as the weather is coastal, we start early April until November.

Overall,we like the concept of team because we are a real team, and I like the synergy created by our organisation.



Contact: rado.adriatrek@gmail.com

Website: www.adriatrek.com


Canyoning is what we do


“All you need to know about the basic of Canyoning Activity and Progression.”


223 A4 pages full color
In Canyoneer Level 1 manual, you will learn about ICOpro, the activity basics, canyoning equipment, knots, communication, behavior and environment, hydrology, geology, physiology, tour preparation, physics, horizontal rope progression, vertical rope progression, and basic rock climbing. After you learn this manual, you will have all the necessary foundations for techniques covered in Canyoneer Level 2 manual and beyond.


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