My journey into Canyoning

I have always loved travelling, experiencing new places and trying new adventures. It was 2014 in Scotland where I had my first experience canyoning. It was a warm Spring day at the beautiful falls of Bruar. I was on one of the first trips run by The Canyoning Company, Ben and George had recently launched their business running canyoning experiences throughout Scotland. The trip was amazing, we didn’t just experience canyoning, we learned how to do canyoning.

I found myself abseiling down the waterfalls and sliding down the water chutes. It made me feel confident in myself, I felt like I had done the trip with my own skills and understanding of canyoning. I received my CAI and was so happy with myself.

Grey Mares tail Scotland

I spent the rest of the summer joining these guys on different canyoning trips around Scotland. What I love about canyoning is every canyon is so different, some offering more of a challenge, physically and mentally, whereas some are just beautiful journeys through special places.

I really did challenge myself one day on The Grey Mares Tail canyon, now that was and adrenaline rush! After an awesome summer of adventures literally in my back garden #backgardenadventures I went on a 6 month working travel trip to New Zealand. Although I had been canyoning a handful of times before, I was still not skilled enough to go canyoning on my own, or at least not skilled enough to do anything too technical. But I couldn’t help myself buy the New Zealand canyoning guide book before my trip. A few months into my trip me and my travel buddy Alice found a couple of non-technical canyons called ‘’Campbell Creek’ and ‘Doom Creek’ (I was a little bit anxious about this one). We suited up and went for an explore. It was super exciting and perfect for me and Alice, but it just made me want to know more! For me canyoning is about being outside and feeling the force of nature.

The feeling of exploring these stunning places that many other people don’t get to see is awesome! You get a completely different perspective of a waterfall when you can swim behind it or abseil down it, rather that taking a selfie from a distance.

ICOpro Canyoneer Level 1-2-3 ICTC
Dates: May 21 – May 28, 2018
Learn more: am now booked on the ICOpro CA1-2-3 course in May this year, my goal is to get the skills and knowledge to go canyoning confidently in more technical places. I can’t wait to get out there and explore more canyons on my travels, I’m hooked!

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ICOpro Assistant International Validation of Skills / ICTC
Dates: May 4 – June 13, 2018
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