Why are state organizations, associations and national federations not meeting the demand for training and international development of canyoneering?

First, you have to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. The state and its institutions rest on the idea of a society of citizens, the nation and the people. This concept is a pure myth, invented by those who wanted to establish their dictatorship over the people. And it is clear that it is reaching its limits.

When it comes to canyoneering, the topic that interests us, let’s take the example of CREPS Rhône-Alpes in France, a regional training center for canyoneering (among other sports), all of whose actions concerning canyoneering and its development are carried out solely on behalf of France, with absolutely nothing for the development of canyoneering internationally.

Let me explain that:

  • Preventing foreigners from all countries coming to train here is not a sign of international openness.
  • Preventing any professionals who are qualified by another internationally recognized organization, such as the ICC or ICOpro, from working in France, and reserving teaching of the sport to the aforementioned people with French qualifications, is not a sign of international openness.
  • Closing the doors on the freedom to provide services to French nationals who are qualified but who don’t hold the French certification (valid only in France without any network or work assistance), is not a sign of international openness.

All these state institutions have a power that is relatively nonexistent. And, to give you an analogy, are completely enclosed in their shells, advancing at the speed of a tortoise.
We have shown that ICOpro professionals can work in France without using their French certificate “hat”. Of course these professionals were treated to visits from the dinosaurs, who quickly went away again after realizing the legal impossibility of preventing KNOWLEDGE from circulating… It is not only about jobs, but about developing the activity on an international scale. And ICOpro teaches a new way to approach, share and teach the activity of canyoneering that is and always will be beyond their understanding.

Besides this, lots of state qualified professionals have recently realized that their diploma is just a piece of paper that has no validity once they leave this country, and so, one by one, are coming to join us too.

It is the same abroad for local federations and associations that sometimes have a national focus (UKCG, AIGC, ACA, SOA, etc.). Their name expresses their limits: “Local” is the complete opposite to “international”

ICOpro does not sell canyoneering training. Nobody is purely interested in the technical side. We help others to achieve their personal and professional goals, and if they are interested, we offer them the opportunity to use our different career plans for teaching, sharing and developing the canyoneering market.
Everyone in the ICOpro network forms part of the development process. Every professional “IS” ICOpro.
For national and local associations, only those who are at the top represent the structure.

Of course our international organization is not perfect, but it is always undergoing change, transforming and transmutating and constantly seeking to model itself on the new emerging world based on human needs to develop, teach and contribute, rather than models that are fixed in stone.

ICOpro organizes more training courses per year than all those organized by state organizations, and is present in more countries than every state institution organizing the professional practice of canyoneering combined. ICOpro has met the challenge of being present on all 5 continents and of ensuring that on each continent all the professionals use the same technical and educational language, with a common vision of development which is also still adapted to each locality and culture. In 7 years, we have done what large state institutions have been trying to do for 15.

It is disappointing to note that, faced with defeat, some representatives of these institutions, such as Nicolas Berland in France, (to name but one), are trying to interfere in the different agreements we have with various countries, not taking account of their weakness, explaining that if the French government were to train South Americans, for example, they absolutely could NOT work in France, nor could they train and certify other professionals in the skills they have acquired from the French state…
But why train them if they can’t use their talents and their qualifications all over the world?

This is something that ICOpro does not and never will do. We train the trainers, so they can train in their turn and thus disseminate their knowledge. We adapt our standards and continue to adapt them constantly so they can become accessible to every country in the world.
We will amend our bylaws if necessary, as well as our strategies, to enable every canyoneer to become a trainer as well, because knowledge belongs to everyone.
And we will work tirelessly to develop an international economy, and to offer not only techniques, -which these days can be learned on the internet without the support of a trainer – but also add value in terms of personal and professional development, as well as an independent career plan for every professional who would like one, using the whole world as our playing field.

Because developing canyoneering on an international scale cannot be done by organizations, associations or states that do not have an international vocation.

Canyoning is what we do